Niklas Adalberth

Who is Niklas Adalberth?

Niklas Adalberth, born -81 in Uppsala, co-founded the e-business Klarna in 2005, where he currently serves as Vice Chief Executive and Member of the Board. The company is one of the leading actors in the market of offering sophisticated and simple payment solutions for e-commerce.

Niklas Adalberth attended high school at Lundellska Skolan in Uppsala, where he pursued studies within a program directed toward the natural sciences. For one year, he was an exchange student in Connecticut, USA. In high school, Niklas Adalberth founded “AdalIT,” a consulting business focused on web production and graphic design.

After high school, Niklas Adalberth did his military service at F16, Uppsala, where he served as Ground Defense Squad Leader. After that, he bartended for Kempinski Hotels in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Between April and August, 2003, Niklas Adalberth undertook a round the world trip with Sebastian Siemiatkowski, a feat they accomplished without air travel. The journey, which lasted one hundred forty-three days, came to encompass twenty-five countries and four continents.

Upon returning to Sweden, Niklas Adalberth commenced studies for an M. A. in Business Administration at Lund University. After only one semester, he transferred to Handelshögskolan in Stockholm, and after only three months at the school he, in cooperation with Sebastian Siemiatkowski and Victor Jacobsson, began developing the business idea that would later become Klarna.

Niclas Adalberth obtained his MBA from Handelshögskolan in 2011, but by then he already had several years of entrepreneurial experience.

The e-business Klarna, originally called Kreditor, offers a payment solution that allows customers to receive the goods before making the payment. Only two years after the company was launched, the thousandth store joined Klarna. Today, Klarna is a business with more than seven hundred employees and is established in six European countries. More info about niklas adalberth on businessweek.

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